Clarification Notes and Examples relating to the current Time playing conditions.
This include notes on the Last hour, declarations and forfeiture of an innings, follow-ons and possible results.)
(Please note that this is the current draft document and is only to be used for informational purposes.
If you have any queries or disputes please still consult with the officially allocated umpires or contact the office.)
Notes and Examples
Captains Reports on Umpires:
Link to Captains Evaluations of Umpires (2023 / 2024)
Detail Submission Reports per Club (2023 / 2024)

                                   Updated: 17/11/2023

Current and Past Allocations
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2023 / 2024 Playing Conditions

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As from 20/11/2021 until further notice, on instruction from CGL, we will no longer be providing umpires to the Men's Presidents B League as well as the Ladies President League.

In addition we will only be providing 1 (one) umpire to the Saturday One League. The appointed umpire will stand end-to-end, and the batting teams are to provide a square-leg umpire.

We will still be providing 2 (two) umpires to the following Leagues:
      ENZA Premier League
      CGL Premier League
      Presidents A League
      Ladies Premier League
If clubs would like to request official umpires, at their own cost, they can do so by contacting our administrator, Brian Catt, at